Building a connection

between space and humanity

Launching in posterum

Launching the future

Vega Space is an aerospace company, based in South Korea, with the motives to develop advanced rocketry components, to match the pace of advancement in the space-launch industry, with the ultimate goal of reaching the mesosphere. Within a few months of researching, we reckon that we would be able to accomplish the following goals: achieving a 90% succession rate upon the launch and touchdown; reaching the Barnard Line (50 meters above the ground); collecting and analyzing data to improve rocketry components and recovering rockets without issue(s).

베가 스페이스는 우주 발사 산업의 발전 속도에 걸맞게, 중공권 도달이라는 궁극적인 목표를 달성하기 위해 한국에 본사를 둔 항공우주 기업입니다.